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Voodoo Cornhole is Traverse City and Gaylord's Club for the Michigan Cornhole League. Founded in 2020 by Lewis Duink, Voodoo Cornhole started as a weekly league at Middle Coast Brewery and has grown into multiple events weekly and multiple cities along with larger tournaments quarterly.

Who is Voodoo?

Voodoo Cornhole has an amazing community that we couldn't do without. For questions about Voodoo Cornhole and events in your area, these are your people:

Lewis Duink

Traverse City MCL Regional Director  

Jesse Coolbaugh

Gaylord MCL Regional Director

"Why Voodoo?"

In the beginning of our playing together, one player had a hot streak for a few weeks and couldn't be beat. The other members thought it would be a good idea to make a Voodoo Doll to slow him down, not thinking it would actually work. We put a pin in his right ankle to test it. Amazingly enough it worked! A few days later he twisted his ankle. From that point on we are very careful on messing with the dark magic of Voodoo......also we found that cutting the head off the doll did not yield the same result.

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