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Voodoo Cornhole is Traverse City's original independent cornhole club. Founded in 2020 by Lewis Duink, Voodoo Cornhole started as a weekly get together with friends and has grown to several local events, from competitive tournaments, to charity fund raisers, and most of all gathering people together to play this great game and have fun.

If you're interested in Voodoo Cornhole running an event in the Greater Traverse area, please contact me at:

why "voodoo"?

In the beginning, one of our crew a hot streak for a few weeks and couldn't be beat. The rest of the crew thought it would be a good idea to conjure Voodoo magic to slow him down, not thinking it would actually work. After making a Voodoo Doll and casting a spell, we put a pin in his right ankle to test it. Amazingly enough it worked! A few days later he twisted his ankle.From that point on our crew respects Voodoo Magic and have given the doll back to him (photo below) in order to avoid future injuries.

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